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Since when did Cloud, Zidane and Squall become bishounen? (ah, right, this was supposed to be a critique... serious taimu.) The waterco...


is slightly bored.
Project Aivisu is a [BxG, slice of life] visual novel in the making, I'm personally in charge of writing and coding and I'm looking primarily for an artist, but other positions, are also available if you're interested and would just like to help. For any games I've worked on in the past, check:…

At the moment, I have a full script for three character arcs, some backgrounds, music tracks and some voice-acted lines have been gathered, but there's essentially no character art or CGs.

"Kyle Nakano is a completely average Japanese high school student, save for his half-English background, a tendency to get mistaken for a delinquent and some slight telekinetic powers... Wait, just what about all that is average? But... but... Aren't romantic visual novels usually based around an average protagonist? Okay, let's try that again... Project Aivisu is a visual novel that deals with ESP, but instead of secret organizations and psychic battles, focuses on romance and slice of life."

Uh... Anyway, the aim here is to create stories where originally broken and hurt characters could overcome their troubles, both learning something about life and each other at the same time.

For artists:
- Maintain regular contact, just once a few days or even a week is fine, but I need to know, in order to keep things running. Just because it's a 'free' project does not mean I think nothing of it, so I'd expect some dedication from you as well.
- I'd prefer if you were able to work on both CGs and character sprites, or at least willing to share work, if not.
- Style-wise, I'd prefer something befitting of the BxG and slice of life -genres, but all styles are discussable at the very least.
- ...And you should be willing to work for free, of course, though if I do end up commercializing this project, I'd obviously share the profits as well.

If you can produce any type of instrumental music and would like to help with project, just PM me back.

In other words, someone who could read my script, and offer comments and suggestions in regards to the stories, characters, readability, style etc. (Mind you, this is not a proofreader's spot, nor is it a writer's spot. Not very flexible, I know, but I've been wanting to complete this project, with these characters, for a long while now.)

Just send me note to apply, if you're even remotely interested.

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